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Are you a travel blogger? Do you own a website dedicated only to travel experiences and travel recommendations? Great! is looking for people like you, fellow travelers who can find the best things to do in a destination, that are ready to embark on an adventure and then write about it to help other travels find the best activities. As we are always trying to pick-out the best tours and offers which is at times very hard as different tour operators keep different standards, we are looking for people to help us in our endeavors.

What we offer:

  • - we are giving you to take our tours completely free
  • - we are placing a link on our webpage to your website, thanking you for your contribution

What we ask:

  • - to take as many pictures as you can during the tour and send them to us
  • - to write a detailed itinerary and the description after the tour with as many details as you can. This description should be purely factual without personal views of the tour.
  • - to write a personal review of the tour with comments about what you liked and what you think needs improvement
  • - to write about your experience on your blog, mention happytovisit and place a link to

Other notes:

  • - we will try to arrange free tickets to the tour you would like to take, but if we will not be able to arrange it, we will offer you a different tour that you can visit for free
  • - We trust travel bloggers – because your followers trust you; we don't ask any guarantees or payments

What you need to do:

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