Affiliate program

HappyToVisit Affiliate program gives you an additional opportunity to make money by placing links to This is a very simple process and anyone who has a webpage, blog or other online material can use it. The setup is free, lasts only a few minutes and no previous IT or tourism knowledge is required.

How it works

  • 1) Register and create an affiliate account on for free
  • 2) Using our link generating tool, create text or image links to
  • 3) Copy-paste the generated links on your website
  • 4) When someone clicks on your link, it will redirect the online guest to the relative content on
  • 5) All bookings made by those guests on will be counted as your affiliate sale, which will earn you commission
  • 6) At a monthly rate, we will send you payments to your account


Commission for affiliate sale in gross is 10%. If you are a legal entity, you have to invoice the commission, which we are obligated to pay in the following 30 days. If you are a private person, the parties need to sign a representation contract which is subject to regulations on commercial representation and the payment is made on your private account. You can start using the Affiliate program before this contract has been signed and start earning money, but all payments will be done after the signing of the contract. All taxes that need to be paid are the obligation of the affiliate user.

Obligations and restrictions takes all reasonability of the quality of service to the guests, and the affiliate partner shall never be held responsible for any problem that might occur with the services offered on guarantees to take full care of all customers: respond to any request, sending offers and invoices, tracking payments, canceling tickets if required, and give full support for the guests while getting the service obtained through

The user who visited by your link does not have to purchase excursion immediately in order for you to earn commission. We track every user who visited by your link and the commission is yours if this user purchases an excursion within 30 days of when he first visited the site. These 30 days are updated every time the user clicks on your link. While in most cases the user will be regularly tracked, there is a possibility that we will lose track of when they return to the website for several possible reasons: 1) the user makes a purchase via another device, 2) user's browser does not support cookies, or 3) the user deletes cookies from his device.

Promo code has priority over Affiliate program. This means that, although the guest visited via your link, if he purchases an excursion and uses a promotional code of another happytovisit partner, the commission is paid to the owner of a promotional code. If the guest has used your promotional code, the purchase will be registered in the list of purchases by using the promotional code.

iFrame booking engine integration also offers an iframe integration which makes the links you are placing on your website much more attractive for your clients. Also you can modify the parameters of the iframe such that you show your customers only relevant data to the page you are showing them, such as only tours from a specific location. You will receive detailed functionality description once you create an affiliate account. Here is an example of an iframe integration:

Need assistance?

Our team is at your service to help you with your affiliate registration and usage issues or any realted questions. You can also try reading the Affiliate Terms of Service for more infromation.

+385 91 336 0631

Why Affilate?

We highly value every client that you send to our webpage, so we give you a 10% commsion on every succesful sale induced by your referral
A lot of clients like to think and do some research before they decide to buy a product, so we keep track of how the client came to our website for the first time and reward you even if the client leaves the page and that returns in 30 days to complete his booking
We are always improving the website and the products offered so that the clients are more likely to complete the booking once they come to the website – more finalized bookings – more commision for you.
Our afffilate tools are very easy to use regardles of your computer expertise. Easily setup links and advertisments to show on your website and track the results.


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