Promo code program

Promo code program is the simplest way to start working with happytovisit – you don't need any knowledge about excursions and atractions, you don't need a website and even a computer is not necessary, but it can give you additional profit which you didn't have before!
Promo code program is designed to have the easiest process of promoting and selling excursions for travel workers which don't have the time or possibility to have a more active role in selling excursions, but want to give their guests an additional offer.

How it works

  • 1) Register and create a Promo code account on
  • 2) Your registration will be confirmed in 24 hours of submmision, and we will create and send you your personal promo code which you will be able to give to your guests
  • 3) You will have the option to print promotional flyers with your promotional code which includes the list of all excursions and services which can be bought with a 5% discount thanks to your promo code
  • 4) Inform your guests about the promotion and tell them about
  • 5) Once a month we will calculate the total turnover of sales concluded with your promo code and we will pay you a 10% commison!

Additional possibilities of our Promo code program

  • 1) If you have a larger amount of guests, contact us and we will create for you a personalized promotional flyers in order to help attract potential buyers
  • 2) You don't have to give the promo code exclusevely to your guests; publish it freely on your webpage, social networks and share it with friends. Regardles of who used the promotional code, you will get your commision
  • 3) You can allways track in real time the amout of sales with your promo code so that you have an insight of the real number of guests that used the promo code and have an exact value of your commision


The commission for Promo code sales in gross is 10%. If you are a legal entity, you have to invoice the commission, which we are obligated to pay in the following 30 days. If you are a private person, the parties need to sign a representation contract which is subject to regulations on commercial representation and the payment is made on your private account. All taxes that need to be paid are the obligation of the user of Promo code program.

The commission is paid on the excursion price reduced by the discount obtained by the promotional code or some other promotion available on

Obligations and restrictions takes all reasonability of the quality of service to the guests, and the user of Promo code program shall never be held responsible for any problem that might occur with the services offered on guarantees to take full care of all customers: respond to any request, sending offers and invoices, tracking payments, canceling tickets if required, and give full support for the guests while getting the service obtained through

Your promo code will work with a limited number of excursions and services offered in happytovisit. This is usualy set to all excursions offered in your region but it can be agreed to give it a broather location. However, some organizers will disable the option to promote their excursions with promotional codes and in such case your guests will not be able to use it. The information wich excursions are available for promo code discounts will be clearely visible to you and your guests.

Need assistance?

Our team is at your service to help you with your promo code registration and usage issues or any realted questions. You can also try reading the Promo Code Terms of Service for more infromation.

+385 91 336 0631

Why happytovisit promo code?

We highly value every client that you send to our webpage, so we give you a 10% commsion on every succesful sale compleated with your promo code
Your guets will be happy to have an additional offer from you and the possibility to get discounts for a big number of excursions on your location
We are always improving the website and the products offered so that the clients are more likely to complete the booking once they come to the website – more finalized bookings – more commision for you.
Once you create your promo code account and get your personal promo code, the only thing that is left is to inform your guests about it through flyers, web sites, social networks or any other way you see fit!


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