B2B partner program

If you would like to get a more active role when selling excursions, you can do it using our B2B partner program. This will allow you to sell and invoice excursion directly to your guests, which apart from being a more effective way to sell services, earns you bigger commissions. This program is perfect for travel agencies, hotels with concierge service and some private accommodation owners who are always in direct contact with guests. The B2B partner program is available only to private persons and registered travel agencies due to legal obligations. Legal entities who are not registered as a travel agency are not able to use our B2B partner program (according to the law, only registered travel agencies should perform activites of selling excursions).

How it works

  • 1) Register your B2B partner account Register
  • 2) We will approve your account within 24 hours and send you the B2B partner contract
  • 3) After the contract has been signed, we will send you your username and password to enter the B2B partner account
  • 4) You will be able to start selling excursions to guests. Payments for the excursions must be done within 24 hours of completed sales, or this period can be extended by providing a payment guarantee
  • 5) All promotional materials can be downloaded for free and printed by you, or you can request some promotional materials (like posters and flyers) from us, which we will send you by post


The standard commission for B2B partner sales in gross is 20% but it can vary depending on the excursion, so in general, commission is 20% unless otherwise noted. All taxes that need to be paid are the obligation of the B2B partner.

Obligations and restrictions

happytovisit.com takes all reasonability of the quality of service to the guests, and the B2B partner shall never be held responsible for any problem that might occur with the services offered on happytovisit.com. happytovisit.com guarantees to take full care of all customers: respond to any request, sending offers and invoices, tracking payments, canceling tickets if required, and give full support for the guests while getting the service obtained through happytovisit.com

The services you are selling through the B2B program can be sold in your own name or in the name and for the account of happytovisit, depending on your wishes and possibilities.

You can have both an Affiliate and B2B partner account at the same time, but this contracts will be handled separately. Promo code program can not be realized at the same time as B2B. Selling excursions through B2B program does not allow you giving a discount to guests who have a promotional code.

Need assistance?

Our team is at your service to help you with your B2B registration and usage issues or any realted questions. You can also try reading the B2B Terms of Service for more infromation.

+385 91 336 0631


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